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  • Are festivals dying out, or just changing over time?
  • Are festivals dying out, or just changing over time?
    Russ Garrett, Creative Commons (2010) ©

Why do people go to music festivals?

Every year, more than 6 million people attend live music events in the UK. Festivals are no longer about peace, love and LSD – they're commercial success stories. But have they kept any of their rebellious spirit, or are they just Instagram islands where anything goes?

Location Northern Europe / North America

Every summer, hundreds of thousands of people travel the world looking to dive into the festival experience that best reflects them. According to an Oxford Economics study made for Visit Britain, live music events attract 6.5 million people a year. [1] For some, it’s just the alternative to an overpriced beach holiday. For others, it’s an inspirational life-changing journey.

Music festivals, as other countercultural movements, are no longer just about peace, love and LSD – they’re commercial success stories. In our modern society, where war, economic crises and activism are practiced more on Twitter than ...



  • Article image Why has raving had a rebrand?

    Valued at $6.2 billion, EDM is no longer simply an acronym for ‘electronic dance music’. For thrill-seeking digital natives, EDM embodies their live-for-the-moment attitude, syncs up with their technology-driven lives, and satisfies their omnivorous approach to sensory experience.

  • Lollapalooza goes Lolla Cashless Lollapalooza goes Lolla Cashless

    Music festivals are often rife with the irritations of spending the day amid a bustling crowd. Billions of dollars worth of smartphones are lost each year, and queuing for a single drink can waste hours. In response, Chicago-based festival Lollapalooza has introduced RFID bracelets for cashless payments.

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    For London's new cultural elite, fewer statements are imbued with such meaning, power and status than the three little words “I was there”. We spoke to Fleur Britten to find out more.

  • Article image Getting away from it all: the changing face of festival branding

    With virtually every aspect of our lives becoming an opportunity for brands, festival-goers are looking to escape the ubiquitous 'sponsored experience'.