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  • How can independent coffee shops beat the big brands?
  • How can independent coffee shops beat the big brands?
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Rewardle: a loyalty scheme for indie coffee shops

The Australian coffee shop industry is valued at over $4 billion, and independents account for 95% of all outlets - but the data-driven deals and promotions that big chains can offer pose a threat. Can digital loyalty scheme Rewardle give small coffee shop owners an advantage?

Location Australia

Summertime is a tricky period for coffee shops in Melbourne, where temperatures reach up to 40 degrees. With most of their coffee served being hot, they’re not the first place that comes to mind when someone wants a refreshing drink.

Enter Rewardle, a new digital loyalty scheme for independent coffee shops. Not only does it allow people to ditch paper loyalty cards and track rewards on their smartphones, but gives small shop owners the opportunity to use data to inform their strategy. Following a drop in coffee sales during the summer, Rewardle sent out personalised messages to their ...



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    Nearly 60% of UK women have a Boots Advantage Card, earning points whenever they stock up on shampoo. Its companion app uses the mass of data collected via the loyalty scheme to display in-store offers tailored to each customer. But is this use of data met with open arms?

  • Digitising the loyalty card Digitising the loyalty card

    Loyalty cards can offer big discounts from groceries to coffee. But with people often leaving their plastic loyalty cards at home, they’ve become one more thing to remember. Spotting an opportunity, Indian startup Forysta Ventures has created a mobile loyalty platform.

  • Independent coffee culture in Rio Independent coffee culture in Rio

    Brazil exported 1.6 million tonnes of coffee in 2013, making it the world's largest coffee producer. And in keeping with such a large export, Brazilians are second only to America in terms of yearly coffee consumption. In turn, independent shops and cafés are booming in Rio.

  • A loyalty scheme that shows companies care A loyalty scheme that shows companies care

    Is rewarding people for shopping the best way for brands to encourage loyalty? With 78% of people not loyal to a particular brand, companies are trying different tactics. One approach involves rewarding people for behaviour that doesn't have any financial benefit to companies. 

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    How do you beat skyrocketing retail rent alongside competition from established brands? For emerging designers, a Hong-Kong based app that encourages people to shop around may hold the key.

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    With people placing more and more emphasis on 'true' artisanal creations, can automated coffee-maker Briggo Coffee Haus win over its target market of connoisseurs?

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    In the smartphone era, 'traditional' card-based loyalty schemes are evolving. How does Shopkick, an app that rewards people for shopping, inject new life into the high street?

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    As terms like ‘artisan’ become diluted, discerning foodies are flocking to specialist producers like Berlin-based coffee shop The Barn, whose pride and expertise borders on arrogance.