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  • Many Brazilians are passionate about their cars
  • Many Brazilians are passionate about their cars
    Gustavo Gomes, Creative Commons (2012) ©

What’s driving Brazil’s love of cars?

With poor public transport and jammed roads, cars are a status symbol in Brazil – and the more powerful, the better. And with 46 million cars, there's nearly one for every four people. But why do people dream of buying a SUV if they'll only drive it to the shop round the corner?

Location Brazil

Brazil has long been linked with a love of cars; in the ‘90s, local petrol producer Ipiranga ran a series of ads with the slogan “Passionate for cars as all Brazilians”. And in a country with poor public transport, where vehicles are seen as status symbol, it didn’t take long to become a catchphrase.

Brazil is currently the fourth largest car market in the world, and the seventh biggest producer. [1] The number of vehicles rose 114% in ten years, while the population only grew 12%. [2] There are now ...



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