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  • Why would people buy from unknown luxury designers?
  • Why would people buy from unknown luxury designers?
    Not Just a Label (2014) ©

Not Just a Label: selling unknown luxury brands

As luxury brands adapt to online, maintaining exclusivity is difficult. On UK online outlet Not Just a Label, people trade big names for one-off garments, buying into a subtler form of luxury. But how does it convince people to spend so much on labels they've never heard of?

Location United Kingdom

“If you buy a Chanel handbag, there's a good chance that exact bag has been produced 25,000 times, if not more,” says Stefan Siegel, founder of online luxury outlet and incubator for emerging designers Not Just a Label. “With young designers, that's not the case.” [1]

As luxury brands are forced to adapt to online, they're struggling to maintain the exclusivity that many shoppers desire. But with Not Just a Label, people trade designer names and flashy logos for exclusive garments shipped directly from the studio, buying into a more authentic and subtle form of ...



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