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  • Now you can buy like a king or queen – if you have the money
  • Now you can buy like a king or queen – if you have the money
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Crest & Co.: shop online like the King of Sweden

Over 90% of luxury purchases still take place in-store, yet HNWI often spend over 48 hours a week online. Can Crest & Co., which brings ‘the best of the best’ in luxury goods online, get super-rich customers and exclusive brands alike to re-evaluate how luxury goods are sold?

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Over 90% of luxury purchases still take place in-store, where people can touch, handle and explore the quality and craftsmanship of products. Could this represent affluent consumers’ shopping preferences for brick and mortar stores? Or is it an imposition by luxury brands, which won’t expand their services to the online realm for fear of diluting the name they have worked so hard to cultivate? Crest & Co. is a private online shopping experience that brings e-commerce to the super-rich by re-evaluating how luxury goods are sold.





  • Connecting luxury designers worldwide

    Connecting luxury designers worldwide

    Despite some markets still recovering from recessions, the global luxury industry is expected to be worth €880 billion by 2020. Haute Gali is an online boutique that sources and sells luxury products from independent designers in emerging markets.

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    What does luxury look like?

    What is luxury? How does strategy in the luxury sector work? And what can it teach other brands? Marco Bevolo, one of the authors of Premium by Design: how to understand, design and market high end products, provides a vision of the business of prestige, desire and seduction.

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    Premium vs luxury: how luxury is fighting back

    With premium threatening to steal its consumer base, luxury is forced to carve out a new space. But with perceptions of value changing rapidly, just how is it going to define itself?

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    Luxury and digital are no longer anathema. Chanel’s new microsite rewards visitors with unprecedented self-disclosure, proving that ‘heritage’ needn’t mean ‘out of touch’.

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    Will digital save luxury?

    Burberry's new flagship store combines digital with luxury – with their recent drop in share price, can this innovative approach rekindle demand?