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  • Why are so many people addicted to a mindless mobile game?
  • Why are so many people addicted to a mindless mobile game?
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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood: the trashy mag of the gaming world

Nearly 70% of US mobile gamers are women, but they're underserved. Ungendered or male-oriented games dominate. Celebutante simulator Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is disrupting the market with more than a million downloads in the first two weeks, but what’s caused this game to skyrocket to the top of the App Store?

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Everybody's on it. Teenaged girls, mothers, the Environmental Protection Agency… journalist Tracey Egan Morrisey blew almost $500 on her habit. This is Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – a game available for tablet and smartphone that’s taken the App Store more effectively than Kourtney and Khloé ever took Miami.

With more than a million downloads in the first two weeks and hundreds of thousands of five star reviews, it’s the number one grossing iPhone game in 16 countries, including the US. [1][2][3] But in a social climate that decries ...



  • Article image Why video games are not just for teenage boys

    The word 'gamer' might make you think of teens in darkened bedrooms. In reality, over 60% of all American gamers are adults, and the average gamer is a 30-year-old with a job and family. But why do we play games beyond childhood? And is the way we play as adults any different?

  • The appeal of mindless mobile gaming The appeal of mindless mobile gaming

    "Rule the red carpet!" "Take over LA!" "Date and dump celebrities!" These activities form the narrative of Kim Kardashian's smartphone game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. It's part of an emerging genre of adventure gaming where no skill or attention is required in order to succeed.

  • Article image Lulu: private spaces for women

    It’s been described by Cosmopolitan as “Sex and the City marries Facebook”, but is man-rating app Lulu anything more than a reversal of the online objectification of women?

  • Article image Pressure Valve: seeking a release

    People are under increasing pressure to eat healthily, spend carefully, live ethically and achieve, achieve, achieve. But as the pressure increases, so does the need to let off steam.