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  • The shopping mall is a staple of Brazilian leisure
  • The shopping mall is a staple of Brazilian leisure
    Iguatemi Brasilia, Creative Commons (2010) ©

I Love Mall: shopping in a virtual world

Brazilians have a long-running love affair with malls. There are currently 503 shopping centres across the nation, earning a total revenue of R$129 billion in 2013. Can an e-commerce platform that promises to be a virtual mall entice Brazilians to spend online?

Location Brazil

Brazil has a long-running love affair with shopping centres. While the lower classes see them as status symbols, middle class consumers have chosen malls as their favourite place to spend their time off, enjoying all the entertainment options from cinemas to food chains in a safe and polished environment.

Naturally, real-world shopping is often a consequence of the experience of visiting the mall. But at the same time, online sales have exponentially increased in all sectors, with fashion at the top of the list. So what would happen if the long-established Brazilian love of malls met the newfound ...



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