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  • India’s drinking culture is changing – but what does the future hold?
  • India’s drinking culture is changing – but what does the future hold?
    Nazmul Houssain [On/Off], Creative Commons (2012) ©

Tuborg Booster Strong: quenching India’s thirst for strong beer

People in India drink to get buzzed. Strong beer, with an alcohol content above 5%, accounted for 83% of all beer sold in 2012 – with that figure expected to rise to 90% by 2019. Tuborg Booster Strong fruit flavoured beer wants to quench the thirst of this growing market.

Location India

“People in India drink to get buzzed,” says Samar Singh Shekhawat, senior vice president of marketing at United Breweries, discussing the immense popularity of super strength beers in India. [1] In fact strong beer, usually with an alcohol content between 5% and 8%, accounted for 83% of all beer sold in India in 2012 – with that figure expecting to rise to 90% before 2019. [2]

In 2010, Carlsberg imprint Tuborg launched Tuborg Strong – and sold over a million cases in 6 months, cementing the desire for premium high-alcohol content beer ...



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