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  • Social media is blurring the authenticity line
  • Social media is blurring the authenticity line
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Why we prefer real life with an Instagram filter

More than 60% of women believe social media is influencing today’s definition of beauty, more than magazines, film or music. But with Instagram filters and self-editing becoming the norm, what does this mean for those who are less than picture-perfect? And is actual authenticity a thing of the past?

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Social media has dissolved the distinction between the celebrity and the everyday, and the separation between online and lived experience is blurred. The public broadcast themselves using the same tools and platforms as models, actors, popstars and brands,and it’s a shift that continues to shape visual culture. Research by Dove revealed that 63% of women believe social media is influencing today’s definition of beauty more than print media, film and music. [1] But how? A new visual language is being written to express aspiration, success and attractiveness. With all lives conducted in the public eye, celebrity ...



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    GoPro: turning a camera into content

    GoPro Hero films have been called “mesmerising and addictive”, with adrenaline-packed footage becoming synonymous with the brand. The company is now launching dedicated channels for user generated content. But how has it become one of the most exciting new media companies?

  • Instagram the world with your sunglasses

    Instagram the world with your sunglasses

    Real life is fine. But wouldn’t it be better if it looked a little bit more like Instagram? Now, according to the makers of Tens – ‘the real life photo filter’ – it can be. Their specially-tinted sunglasses add that flatteringly hazy social media glow to absolutely everything.

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    U.S. Taco Co.: Instagram-ready tacos

    The American appetite for fast food is waning. Instead, people are hungry for experiences. In response, fast food chain Taco Bell has launched an upmarket Mexican-American restaurant brand, aimed at a Millennial demographic demanding fresh, gourmet food in a casual setting.

  • Campaining against

    Campaining against "unnatural beauty"

    “When I grow up, I will be the prettiest girl,” says the little girl. “If I put on weight, I will not eat. If my boobs aren’t big enough, I will get an implant.” It’s a bleak aspiration, and one that The Body Shop wants to change by rebuilding conventional ideas of beauty.

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    What does a cool kid look like?

    For today's youth, neo-tribalism is the new clique. Leaving blind conformity behind, these fast-moving, flexible cultures are a cocktail of affiliations and references, always shifting and reforming. But if everyone can be whoever they like, how do you know who’s in or out?

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    Thigh gaps and funeral snaps: the dark side of the selfie

    Crowned 'word of the year' in 2013, the selfie has come a long way from its origins as a niche social media tag. But are selfies just a bit of narcissistic fun, or is there a darker side?

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    BeautyPlus: fulfilling Asian beauty ideals

    Asia's selfie obsession is more prominent than ever, giving rise to beautifying apps that automatically detect facial features, and enhance them according to Eastern beauty ideals.

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    Real emotion: the rise of reality culture

    With social media opening up million of little windows into the lives of others and people growing savvier about what's real and what's not, what does the future of reality culture hold?