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  • Is the reality TV talent show really dead?
  • Is the reality TV talent show really dead?
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Rising Star: an interactive talent show

The talent show format has fallen out of favour. American Idol viewers fell 66% in three years, and only three seasons of The X Factor were made in the US before it was dropped. Can interactive programme Rising Star bring the talent show back into people’s living rooms?

Location Western Asia / North America

Talent shows have reached a fatigue point. [1] US household name American Idol has dropped 66% in views since 2013. The X Factor, premiered in the US to much fanfare in 2011, but was gone after three seasons of declining ratings. Dancing With the Stars was also half-cancelled by ABC in late 2013, dropping from two shows a week to one, as it continues to lose young viewers. It now has one of the oldest audiences in television, with a median age of over 62. [2]

But a new contestant just ...



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  • Reality TV pushes for real-time authenticity

    Reality TV pushes for real-time authenticity

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