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  • Many Millennials care deeply about politics – so why aren’t they voting?
  • Many Millennials care deeply about politics – so why aren’t they voting?
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Why are young people only political on Facebook?

Young Brits are politically minded. 70% think social media should be used for social change, and a quarter are highly knowledgable about politics. Yet only 12% would definitely vote in a general election. Why are they so disillusioned? And is engaging via social media the answer?

Location United Kingdom

"I will never vote and I don't think you should, either," says Russell Brand, speaking outside the Houses of Parliament. Brand’s calls for the young to boycott voting and spark a “peaceful, effortless, joyful revolution” clearly resonate – and given the low turnouts of young people in recent European and local elections, it is easy to see why so much of the commentary around the subject talks of a disenfranchised young demographic.

Far from Brand being a lone voice in the wilderness, studies by the Hansard Society have indicated that just 12% of young Brits would be certain ...



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