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  • Young-at-heart Boomers don’t want to be confined to care homes
  • Young-at-heart Boomers don’t want to be confined to care homes
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The Golden Girls Network: house sharing in your 60s

A third of the 10,000 Boomers turning 65 each day are entering retirement single. The thought of being shipped off to live in a retirement home is unthinkable for many – but The Golden Girls Network offers house sharing for older single women who are still young at heart.

Location United States

“You have women who are in their fifties, who don’t have enough saved for retirement, and they’re in a bind,” says Bonnie Moore, founder of The Golden Girls Network. [1] For the 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 each day, the idea of being shipped off to an old people’s home is unthinkable, unaffordable, or both. Now alternative solutions are emerging for senior citizens, who see no reason for old age to mean an end to being outgoing, autonomous and independent.

The Golden Girls Network is just one of many organisations embracing communal living as a ...



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    More than a quarter of British companies are set up by people aged 50-65 – with a higher success rate than any of their younger counterparts. But why are so many older 50s taking on challenges and starting new careers, when their parents rejoiced at the thought of retirement?

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    What does it feel like to grow old? Professor Philip Tew and Nick Hubble asked over 300 seniors to document their experiences. The findings shed new light on this untapped, misunderstood demographic.

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    Life 2.0 is an EU-funded project which has developed a series of networked applications to help empower elderly residents to live more independent lives.

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    La Maison de Babayagas is a communal house for senior French women due for completion in 2012 where inhabitants can 'age and stay ourselves.’