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  • Soon, you might be communicating in pictures
  • Soon, you might be communicating in pictures
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LINE: say it with stickers

While WhatsApp wins over the West and WeChat conquers China, messaging app LINE has taken Japan by storm. With 400 million users worldwide, and 52 million in Japan alone, LINE's bright and vibrant customisable stickers are hugely popular – but can they really replace text?

Location Central - East Asia / Global

While WhatsApp wins over the Western world and WeChat conquers China, messaging app LINE enjoys unparalleled in popularity in Japan. The app currently has 400 million users worldwide, with 52 million in Japan alone. [1] LINE provides free text messages across smartphones running Windows, Android and iOS – but its real USP is its stickers. These bright and vibrant oversized emoticons allow people to communicate solely via pictures, and the LINE Creators Market lets people create and customise their own sets to share and sell.

LINE’s stickers are what set it apart from ...



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