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  • Have you lost touch with the present moment?
  • Have you lost touch with the present moment?
    Moyan Brenn, Creative Commons (2011) ©

Why mindfulness went mainstream

We’re losing focus on the present. We spend 47% of our time thinking about something other than what we’re actually doing. In the UK, US and Australia, fuelled by the desire to slow down and appreciate the moment, mindfulness – which can reduce anxiety by 70% – is now the antidote to busy city lifestyles.

Location Northern Europe / North America / Oceania

Put yourself in the shoes of someone practising mindfulness meditation. You’re sitting down, legs crossed, focusing your mind on your breath. You feel the air entering your mouth, down your neck all the way into your lungs, and similarly notice how it exits your body. Meanwhile, you’re curiously observing what effect your breathing has on your body. You notice your chest rising up and down, and feel your heartbeat in the background. As you begin to notice your mind wandering elsewhere, you slowly bring your attention back to your breath. It’s a basic mindfulness exercise to help you become ...



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