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  • Why are people wearing yoga wear when they don't do yoga?
  • Why are people wearing yoga wear when they don't do yoga?
    Without Walls (2014) ©

Without Walls: a love affair with lycra

Yoga products are worth $27 billion annually in the US. And while it's true that the number of people practising yoga – predominantly women – has increased by 20% in recent years, that doesn't explain why sales of yoga wear are up 87%. Are yoga pants set to become the next Levi's 901s?

Location United States / Canada

"If you're in Minneapolis and you're not wearing yoga pants, you're in the minority," tweets a local news publication. [1] The city is overrun with women clamouring to get their hands on lululemon's flagship offering – $100 yoga pants – at a three day yoga retreat-cum-warehouse sale. With queues long, prices low and heart rates up, the majority are clad in the high-end, figure-hugging garb which has rapidly become the staple wardrobe piece for casual cool: yoga pants.

Canadian-born lululemon is one of the most prominent brands spearheading the adoption of premium gym ...



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