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  • Why do so many Millennials feel depressed?
  • Why do so many Millennials feel depressed?
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Talkspace: text your therapist on your way to work

One in ten Americans are clinically depressed. As busyness becomes a status symbol for Millennials, the stress is mounting. 'Text therapy' platform Talkspace appeals to a generation accustomed to immediate answers with a tap of a smartphone – but is it effective?

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One in ten Americans are clinically depressed, according to the World Health Organisation. As working hard and being busy becomes a status symbol, more people in the US say they feel stressed, contributing to what psychologists are calling an ‘epidemic of depression’. And yet there’s still a stigma attached to going to see a therapist.

Offering people a way out from a downward spiral to depression, Talkspace is an anonymous ‘text therapy’ platform that connects patients and therapists through a smartphone at any time of the day. And it appeals to a generation accustomed to getting immediate answers ...



  • Hang on, let me just text my therapist

    Hang on, let me just text my therapist

    Of the 45 million people diagnosed with mental health issues each year, less than 40% receive the help they need. With this in mind, mental health start-up Talkspace offers text-based counselling with a qualified therapist in exchange for a flat fee – anytime, anywhere.

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    FUCK! i'm in my twenties: a millennial mentality

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