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  • How can India solve its growing debt problem?
  • How can India solve its growing debt problem?
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Why Indians will put anything on credit

India was once a cash economy governed by middle-class values. If you didn’t have it, you didn’t spend it. Thanks to credit cards and a young generation that expect the finest things in life, India has a debt problem. But what opportunities can ‘putting it on credit’ bring?

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India is now one of the top 15 countries in terms of highest household debt, a situation that’s in stark contrast even to just a decade ago. [1] Before the country opened up its doors to multinationals in the 1990s, who swooped in and transformed India from a largely socialist economy to a capitalist, consumerist one, household debt barely existed. Since then, however, consumer debt in India has exploded.

It’s not just a numbers shift, but a mindset change. Until the ‘90s, India was largely a cash economy governed by middle-class values. If you didn’t ...



  • Revolutionising money transfers in India

    Revolutionising money transfers in India

    hyperWALLET is bringing its services to India, offering companies fast and low-cost payment methods via direct-to-bank money transfers. By complying with India's strict regulations regarding in-country transfers, the service could revolutionise the way people make payments.

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    Bluebird: do the unbanked want an AmEx?

    American Express is synonymous with privilege and luxury – so its latest venture may seem surprising. Its Bluebird Bank helps Americans let down by traditional banking, who may not even have a bank account. What's driving the makers of the Black Card to bank the unbanked?

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    India’s love of home delivery

    In India, everyone delivers. From sweets to stationery to ice cream to medicine, there isn’t a market that's not ripe for home delivery. But in a country that's long been a fan of direct-to-your-door, online shopping is only one part of the story.

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    India’s strategic big spenders

    Analysts estimate that India’s luxury market could be up to 150% larger than it is now. Can an understanding of the unique Indian mindset help unlock the market’s full potential?