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  • The Burrell Street space is more like a café than a clinic
  • The Burrell Street space is more like a café than a clinic
    Urban Salon (2013) ©

Burrell Street: let’s talk about sexual health

The thought of discussing STIs with your parents would send shivers down most people’s spines; it is still very much a taboo subject. But a new sexual health center in London, aims to make a visit to the clinic as everyday and enjoyable as popping into a cafe.

Location United Kingdom

Throughout advertising history, sex has been used to sell everything from underwear to cars – but never one of the things most closely linked to it: sexual health. For years, sexual health has been a somewhat taboo subject. Just the thought of discussing STIs with their parents would send shivers down most people’s spines. But as more people – and brands – start to speak out, will the taboos surrounding sexual health be dissolved?





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    Amidst the sexualised wallpaper of contemporary culture, are teens, parents and teachers alike losing sight of real sex in favour of pornified and potentially damaging ideals?

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    Durex has released a new app, SOS Condoms, that promises fast and discreet hand-delivery of condoms within one hour. Its advert portrays the app as a quick solution when a date is progressing well but no condoms are available.

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    In a climate of increased openness, sharing has never been more intimate. Make Love Not Porn TV is a user-generated site that showcases homemade adult films.

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    Hedonism is taking a dark and dirty twist: seedy is cool, erotica is mainstream, and taboos are being overturned. But in these fantasy worlds, are we really as liberal as we think we are?