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  • What makes GoPro footage so resoundingly popular?
  • What makes GoPro footage so resoundingly popular?
    GoPro (2014) ©

GoPro: turning a camera into content

GoPro Hero films have been called “mesmerising and addictive”, with adrenaline-packed footage becoming synonymous with the brand. The company is now launching dedicated channels for user generated content. But how has it become one of the most exciting new media companies?

Location North America / Northern Europe

A fireman walks into a charred building devastated by fire, and emerges with an unconscious kitten. By giving it an oxygen mask and sprinkling water over its body, he brings the kitten back to life. Captured on a GoPro camera, this unique story has become one of the most viewed videos on the camera brand’s YouTube channel. By drawing viewers into a real life event through a first-person view, it’s redefined how we document our lives and relive them through video.

The content created on these Hero cameras has been described as “mesmerising and addictive”, with adrenaline-packed footage ...



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