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  • Young Millennials are increasingly looking for ‘Instagrammable’ food
  • Young Millennials are increasingly looking for ‘Instagrammable’ food
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U.S. Taco Co.: Instagram-ready tacos

The American appetite for fast food is waning. Instead, people are hungry for experiences. In response, fast food chain Taco Bell has launched an upmarket Mexican-American restaurant brand, aimed at a Millennial demographic demanding fresh, gourmet food in a casual setting.

Location United States

Fast food is as synonymous with the US as cheese is with a burger. But while fast food sales accounted for an estimated $188 billion in 2013, there’s growing awareness of health risks associated with processed foods – and there are signs that people’s appetites are waning. [1]

Targeting people who “are not likely to step foot in a Taco Bell”, the low-priced fast food chain has launched an upmarket Mexican-American restaurant brand, aimed at a Millennial demographic demanding fresher and more gourmet food in a casual setting. [2]

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