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  • Can reaching out to less well-off people boost AmEx’s public image?
  • Can reaching out to less well-off people boost AmEx’s public image?
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Bluebird: do the unbanked want an AmEx?

American Express is synonymous with privilege and luxury – so its latest venture may seem surprising. Its Bluebird Bank helps Americans let down by traditional banking, who may not even have a bank account. What's driving the makers of the Black Card to bank the unbanked?

Location North America / Northern Europe

American Express is a brand name synonymous with privilege and luxury – which is why its latest venture might come as something of a surprise. AmEx's Bluebird Bank aims to help those in the US let down by traditional means of banking, who may not in fact even have a bank account. So what is driving the makers of the famous Black Card to bank the unbanked?





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    Barclays Digital Eagles: getting grandma online

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    Hello bank! is the world's first stand-alone digital mobile bank that's accessible any time, any place – and, crucially, maintains a clear focus on customer experience.

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