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  • Now you can outsource your personal discipline to a smart gadget
  • Now you can outsource your personal discipline to a smart gadget
    Bossy (2014) ©

Bossy: dictating your procrastination

From BuzzFeed to Facebook to the Mail Online, few will argue that, with its advanced 'Related Articles’ algorithms and adorable memes, the internet is capable of sucking people in for hours at a time. Now, London-based design student Lucas Neumann thinks he's found a way out.

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You're on Twitter tracking tags for work when you see that someone shared a link to BuzzFeed's 'How obsessed with food are you?' quiz. You're due a short break, so you click it, but when you reach the end you find '10 foods that are trying to kill you' lurking in the 'More Buzz' section. It's a video, and when you're done, YouTube provides a gridded menagerie of other videos you're probably going to love.

Whatever whets your appetite for procrastination – from BuzzFeed and Reddit to Facebook feeds and the Mail Online – ...



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