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  • Boomers are keen not to be left out of the mobile revolution
  • Boomers are keen not to be left out of the mobile revolution
    Iain Farrell, Creative Commons (2014) ©

Barclays Digital Eagles: getting grandma online

Around 5.1 million Brits aged over 65 have never been online. Catering to these untapped customers, Barclays has created over 3,500 'Digital Eagles' - specially-trained staff to help them get online and up to speed. But do people want a bank teaching them about the internet?

Location United Kingdom

Consider the amount of people that interact with digital services in their day to day lives. From Google Maps to WhatsApp to Skyscanner, digital technologies guide us, keep us connected, and often save us substantial amounts of money.

There’s a shockingly large number of Brits that have never experienced the convenience of digital. Around 5.1 million people in the UK over the age of 65 have never been online, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to. Many feel isolated and left out of the digital conversation. [1] In response, Barclays has created over 3,500 ...



  • Article image PARO: tech that aids the elderly

    While the immediate future is unlikely to yield AI pseudo-human carers, the notion of robots aiding the elderly is closer than ever. All over the world – especially in Japan, where more than a quarter of the population is over 65 – technology and healthcare are starting to overlap.

  • Article image T-Mobile: a bank in your pocket

    T-Mobile is launching into banking with a pre-paid debit card and banking app. But if people aren't willing to trust banks with their cash, why should they trust a telecoms provider?

  • Article image The silent generation speaks up

    What does it feel like to grow old? Professor Philip Tew and Nick Hubble asked over 300 seniors to document their experiences. The findings shed new light on this untapped, misunderstood demographic.

  • Article image How Limmex uses design to save lives

    Wearable technology only works if you wear it. It's a simple insight, yet one that is transforming the global market for personal security products.