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  • Originating in India, yoga has become popular across the globe
  • Originating in India, yoga has become popular across the globe
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Yoga for a new generation

Yoga has a long religious history in India, but modern Indians are taking cues from the West and replacing spirituality with weight-loss and Instagram selfies. This once 'uncool' practice is fast becoming big business - but some fear the 'real' yoga is being left behind.

Location Southern Asia / North America

It originated from India, but in the ‘80s and ‘90s, yoga had fallen out of favour with the Indian youth as a product of ancient times – something their grandparents once practiced. It was slow, boring and practiced in neighbourhood parks or small community centres, led typically by retired volunteers. If there was a yoga session on, Gen X was usually nowhere to be found.

But in the ‘90s, America discovered yoga – partly due to Bikram Choudhury’s efforts – and took to it in droves. In India, too, yoga centres started appearing – and they didn’t look ...



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