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  • Can a robotic seal really provide companionship?
  • Can a robotic seal really provide companionship?
    PARO Robots (2014) ©

PARO: tech that aids the elderly

While the immediate future is unlikely to yield AI pseudo-human carers, the notion of robots aiding the elderly is closer than ever. All over the world – especially in Japan, where more than a quarter of the population is over 65 – technology and healthcare are starting to overlap.

Location Japan

"You have got to be kidding me," exclaims Frank Langella, staring down at the robot his son has produced from the boot of his car. "I don't need to be spoon-fed by some goddamn robot." [1] The story of Robot and Frank follows the protagonist and his non-human carer in a future where robots are legitimate alternatives to qualified medical attendants.

And while it's unlikely that the immediate future will yield artificially intelligent pseudo-humans capable of walking, talking and conducting moderate exercise routines (like Robot and Frank), the notion of robots aiding the elderly ...



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