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  • People are willing to support causes - but only if there's no effort involved
  • People are willing to support causes - but only if there's no effort involved
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The new age of armchair philanthropy

People are willing to show support for social causes – provided they don't have to do much - and brands are finding new ways to tap into the strength of the herd. By re-engineering menial actions – from buying body lotion to having sex – there are ways to reward everyone.

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The luxuries of the modern world – from self-adjusting thermostats to cars that send alerts when the tyres need changing – have allowed people to become lazy. And that's just when it comes to doing things for themselves. In the realm of social good and charity, where people are required to make an effort to do things for others, such apathy is beginning to take its toll.

It’s clearly visible through ‘clicktivism’ – the ability to advocate charities and social movements with a simple 'Like' or retweet. "In the outsized enthusiasm for social media, we seem to have ...



  • Article image One Hope Wine: helping the world, one glass at a time

    Sometimes there’s nothing better than indulging yourself. But as the desire to do good with minimal effort spreads, people are looking for that perfect medium between self-indulgence and selflessness. Enter One Hope Wine, part of California’s growing ‘cause brand’ trend.

  • Give to charity through Spotify Give to charity through Spotify

    GuiltyPledgers is a new app for Spotify that charges people a donation to charity to add a song to a shared playlist on Spotify. By integrating giving to charity in a behaviour that is already engrained, engagement becomes easier and more natural.

  • Unicef challenges Millennials Unicef challenges Millennials

    UNICEF is challenging Millennials to unplug, and donating water to those in need for every ten minutes they can go without reaching for their device. It's a smart campaign to target a mobile-happy generation who likes to save the world on the side.

  • Contribute to science in your sleep Contribute to science in your sleep

    A Samsung-powered Android alarm app helps researchers at the University of Vienna find cures for diseases. It harnesses your phone's processing power at night while charging to crunch protein calculations and send them to the researchers via Wi-Fi.

  • Article image Paying with perspiration and trading in Tweets

    Brands want people to interact with their products and services - because interaction can take on value as an alternative to traditional currencies. But what's in it for consumers?

  • Article image Life on autopilot

    A new wave of technological advancements is making it easier than ever to plug into an automated lifestyle, as people increasingly expect to exchange minimum input for maximum output.

  • Article image Anytime, everywhere: starting movements on social media

    As the number of charities and non-profits increases, people are being hit by 'causes' on all fronts. To cut through 'cause overload', smart businesses are thinking more like non-profits.

  • Article image Give what you're good at: inside Nike's social innovations

    When a catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, Design Innovation Director at Nike Foundation Tom De Blasis knew Nike had to do something – but what?