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  • Julep’s crowdsourced cosmetics are making waves online
  • Julep’s crowdsourced cosmetics are making waves online
    Ivan McClellan, Creative Commons (2012) ©

Julep: crowdsourcing beauty

Online beauty start-up Julep is an internet phenomenon, targeting women of all ages who are genuinely passionate about beauty products and want their opinions and expertise to count. But what’s attracting so many women to sign up?

Location United States

In a world where an astonishing three out of four start-ups fail and new businesses continuously prove how difficult it is to succeed, there’s a wave of new up-starts using unconventional methods to find their feet. [1]

Online beauty brand Julep began as a tribute to the founder’s friends – who “wanted a different way to share in the discovery of things that make us look good and feel great.” Since then, it’s become an internet phenomenon, selling beauty products from its online store alongside treatments at salons all over Seattle, where its headquarters are ...



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