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  • Home delivery is an ingrained part of Indian life – even for large items
  • Home delivery is an ingrained part of Indian life – even for large items
    John Hoey, Creative Commons (2013) ©

India’s love of home delivery

In India, everyone delivers. From sweets to stationery to ice cream to medicine, there isn’t a market that's not ripe for home delivery. But in a country that's long been a fan of direct-to-your-door, online shopping is only one part of the story.

Location India

It’s 9am in India. The vegetable vendor rolls his cart, loaded up with fresh vegetables, in front of your door and rings your bell. The fruit guy arrives soon after. You buy veggies for dinner and a bit of fruit for the kids, and get to work in your home office. The printer ink is running low and you need more whiteboard markers as well. You log on to Flipkart.com and place your order.

The kids arrive home for lunch while you’re in the middle of work, and an argument on the way back from school has made ...



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