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  • Millennials men are more fashion-conscious than ever
  • Millennials men are more fashion-conscious than ever
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Thread: personal stylists for everyone

Combining computer algorithms and real stylists, British menswear brand Thread offers a personalised shopping experience that strips out the distractions and confusion of online shopping.

Location United Kingdom

Combining the freedom of the internet age - and all its opportunities for online curatorship - with an increasingly flexible approach to gender norms, Millennial men have become more fashion-conscious than ever. Taking note of this growing shift which has seen men spend just as much as women on shopping, clothing brands are retooling their websites to suit male preferences.

Appealing to the desire for simplicity at a time when people can easily become paralysed by too much choice, Thread is a men’s clothing brand that’s forging a new approach to online shopping. Using both computer algorithms and ...