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  • How have cultural shifts affected daily life in the US?
  • How have cultural shifts affected daily life in the US?
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A cultural snapshot of the United States

Is patriotism still an obsession among Americans? And do they still love their cars? In our 2014 / 15 cultural snapshot of the United States, we demystify cultural myths, shed light on the country’s economic outlook, and explore the emerging and established trends across eleven sectors.

Location United States

The US has long held the self-given title of ‘leader of the free world’, with the lofty ideals of democracy and freedom attracting millions of people from all corners of the globe. But after a deep recession and a growing social inequality, is the American Dream moving out of reach for ordinary Americans? Despite the slow economic recovery, the US still attracts large numbers of people to its shores. And as a result, the last census in 2010 showed a country in cultural flux, with the Asian and Hispanic population growing at the fastest rate. But how have these cultural ...



  • Article image Billboard Twitter Real-Time Chart: top of the pops for the digital age

    Twitter has partnered with American music chart company Billboard to create two real-time music charts based on social media mentions. Though the music industry must adapt to survive, can a social media chart really represent an artist or song's popularity authentically?

  • Article image Bled for Boston: ink and death in the Facebook age

    In an age where we’re constantly evolving the way we interact in our daily lives, we’re finding new ways to mourn and mark loss. So how does the Facebook generation show their grief? Getting a tattoo that can be Instagrammed or shared on Facebook is one of the answers.

  • Article image U.S. Taco Co.: Instagram-ready tacos

    The American appetite for fast food is waning. Instead, people are hungry for experiences. In response, fast food chain Taco Bell has launched an upmarket Mexican-American restaurant brand, aimed at a Millennial demographic demanding fresh, gourmet food in a casual setting.

  • Article image Bluebird: do the unbanked want an AmEx?

    American Express is synonymous with privilege and luxury – so its latest venture may seem surprising. Its Bluebird Bank helps Americans let down by traditional banking, who may not even have a bank account. What's driving the makers of the Black Card to bank the unbanked?

  • Article image StarMaker: taking singing seriously

    In America, there are thousands of people – like Girls character Marnie – honing a desire for musical stardom off the back of shows like The Voice and American Idol. Enter StarMaker: the community-based karaoke app turned talent scouting tool.

  • Article image American Apparel: bringing back the bush

    To boost sales for Valentine's Day, American Apparel’s NYC SoHo branch adorned its mannequins with faux pubic hair. The message: au naturel is best. But is it anything more than a PR stunt?

  • Article image Blackphone: how to evade the NSA

    In a post-PRISM scandal world, are encrypted text messages a necessity, or just a fan to the flames of a paranoia epidemic?

  • Article image How Chobani's yoghurt swept America

    In five years Chobani has grown from nothing into a billion dollar yoghurt brand by using what others saw as a fad to re-invigorate a tired category.