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  • They may look different, but Josh Tetrick claims Beyond Eggs are just as versatile (and tasty)
  • They may look different, but Josh Tetrick claims Beyond Eggs are just as versatile (and tasty)
    Hampton Creek Foods (2013) ©

Beyond Eggs: economical, ethical and laid in the lab

How do you like your eggs – eco-friendly, or affordable? A start-up claims to have found a vegan solution that can offer both. But will people be willing to go Beyond Eggs?

Location United States

“My dad doesn’t care about the environment – or his health – too much,” says Josh Tetrick, CEO of Hampton Creek Foods. “He’s a busy guy, and he doesn’t have a lot of discretionary income. So when he goes to the grocery store, and he sees eggs for a dollar a dozen, he chooses those because they’re cheap.” [1]

Tetrick’s dad represents a very common attitude to grocery shopping. Even if people would like to be ethical or eco-friendly, their final decision is often dictated by price. Until now, ‘organic’ or vegan food has often been ...



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