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  • The Apple vs. Samsung debate continues to rage
  • The Apple vs. Samsung debate continues to rage
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Who's fixing life's little things?

As people grow accustomed to new levels of convenience, there’s an increasing demand for brands to stamp out the little irritations. Enter the modern challenger brand.

Location Europe / North America / Northern Europe

Since the early '60s, when Avis released its 'We Try Harder' campaign, brands have reaped the benefits of rebelling against the status quo. And now, this mentality is more relevant than ever. As people become increasingly demanding, this radical strain of brands is adapting, stamping out the little gripes that impede on the larger vision of a ‘perfect world’.

Writer and thinker Adam Morgan was so interested by this strategy that he wrote a book about it – Eating the big fish: how challenger brands can compete against brand leaders. He also founded consultancy firm Eat Big Fish, ...