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  • Will Bitcoin circumnavigate the global banking system?
  • Will Bitcoin circumnavigate the global banking system?
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Bitcoin and black markets: rewiring for the new economy

An exclusive adaptation from hacker Josh Klein’s upcoming book Reputation Economics, which explores how digitisation is destroying the limitations of the current financial system.

Location Europe / Global / North America / Northern Europe / Southern Asia / Western Europe

How much is your digital life worth? In a world where Avis is discounting car rentals based on Twitter followers, and eBay ratings are being treated as credit scores, more than ever the answer to that question is 'a lot'.

Over the past decade, the internet has transformed many of the systems integral to everyday life. Now, it's changing money. New technologies and tools are becoming the norm, and in many parts of the world, getting online is more pressing that getting a bank account. From Bitcoin to black markets, the face of finance is changing dramatically.