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  • People want personalisation, but are concerned about privacy
  • People want personalisation, but are concerned about privacy
    Chase Elliott Clark, Creative Commons (2012) ©

Watching out for the 'creepy' line

When does insightful personalisation become intrusive? And how do brands build lasting relationships with consumers who are concerned about being spied on?

Location Global / North America / Northern Europe / Western Europe

“Google policy is to get right up to the 'creepy' line and not cross it,” declares Eric Schmidt, the company's CEO. Internet users the world over are familiar with the personalised web: on one hand, poorly-placed adverts promising free money or extreme weight loss, seemingly triggered by browser history or gender on Facebook. On the other, online retailers are now expected to know who we are and provide accurate purchase suggestions accordingly.

A new era of digital is emerging in which information about brands' current and future customers is increasingly accessible, and how they behave is tailored accordingly. ...