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  • Live-streaming your games can be a very serious business
  • Live-streaming your games can be a very serious business
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Twitch.tv: gaming as a live-stream spectator sport

Internet-connected video devices are on the rise, creating a trend for live-streamed gaming. Platforms like Twitch offer peer-controlled channels brimming with engaging user-generated content.

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Recent years have seen a boom in the popularity of user-generated video content, as internet-connected video devices have become more widely available. 'Lifecasting' was born from this trend as prosumers sought to experiment with the technology, but was quickly cast aside as the day-to-day life of others proved to be just as mundane as the spectators' own lives. The simple act of sharing is no longer enough, and as the novelty has worn thin, content quality has become high priority.

Enter live-streamed gaming and the rise of eSports – pegged to become as much of a spectator sport ...