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  • An emerging species: the beer hunter
  • An emerging species: the beer hunter
    Daniel Persson, Creative Commons (2010) ©

The future of beer: will brewers serve the next generation?

There's a renaissance in craft brewing, fuelled by the thirst of a new breed of drinker. A growing tribe of 'beer hunters' are looking beyond the ordinary, and searching for something more.

Location United Kingdom

Back in 1990, world-renowned beer writer Michael Jackson hosted a TV series – The Beer Hunter – on Channel 4, where he travelled the world in search of great flavoured beers and the stories behind them.

He painted a colourful world of beers far removed from the standard monochrome available to most UK beer drinkers in their local pubs and on the shelves in the supermarkets at that time. It was an era when the number of breweries in the UK in 1990 stood at only 241 – a historical low. [1] But change has been ...