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  • Getting kids crafting during the summer holidays
  • Getting kids crafting during the summer holidays
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How is Asda upgrading the grocery list?

E-commerce can be a struggle for supermarkets, but Asda hopes its #SaveSummer campaign can boost excitement by making grocery shopping more social, story-led and instinctive.

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E-commerce is on the rise, but supermarkets often find themselves falling behind. Unlike other online stores, the problem supermarkets face is that customers generally have a list of items when they log on to their website – a list they rarely stray from.

But while online grocery shopping might not be as 'fun', UK supermarket Asda hopes that its #SaveSummer campaign can inject some excitement into the experience. Recognising that recession-hit consumers welcome a good bargain, #SaveSummer targets Asda's primary audience – mums – with budget-friendly crafts and activities for their kids over the summer holidays.

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