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  • ESPN is adapting to the little screen
  • In 2006, ESPN flopped on mobile, now it's back and building strong partnerships
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How ESPN is becoming the 'first screen' for sport

With the rise of the smartphone-only consumer, America’s leading sports broadcaster, ESPN, is pioneering the 'first screen' opportunity, from the sofa to the stadium.

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A few years back, America’s leading sports broadcaster, ESPN spent $150m on a mobile subscription service aimed at delivering sports updates through specially enabled mobile handsets. The platform failed and was withdrawn the same year. Now, several years later, ESPN Mobile has resurfaced, and this time, the technology and the consumer are ready. Available across platforms (from Blackberry to Android) and with partnerships with several tech companies, (from Foursquare to Facebook, Stubhub to Twitter) today, close to one third of ESPN's customers access content exclusively through their mobile app.

The number of Americans watching mobile video rose from ...