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  • One in five Brits think Google Glass should be banned
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Me & the machines: wearable technology

With half a billion wearable devices shipping in the next few years, soon interacting with smart cities will seem as 'normal' as checking Facebook.

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"This is just a device for total narcissists, isn't it?" asked Jeremy Paxman, after journalist Robert Scoble posted a selfie from his Google Glass while in the shower. While wearable technology isn't yet fully socially integrated – with the vanity associated with lifelogging detracting from the vision – people are nevertheless genuinely able to use it for self-improvement.

From finding misplaced items by scouring the log of Memoto's automatic photos to the potentially life-saving Limmex Emergency Watch, journalist Megan Rose Dickey hit the mark when she claimed “the real power in wearable computing is in its ability to ...