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  • The 'reality' of reality TV can provoke genuine emotions
  • The 'reality' of reality TV can provoke genuine emotions
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Real emotion: the rise of reality culture

With social media opening up million of little windows into the lives of others and people growing savvier about what's real and what's not, what does the future of reality culture hold?

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Storytelling is at the heart of all families, communities and cultures. With reality television's ascendency over the past decade, how we tell these stories is changing. People are inherently interested in other people – what they feel, how they think and act, and what they want. We watch others and we mimic and learn – it's why X Factor induces not only tears, but also feelings of empowerment in viewers, and why anthropologist Margaret Mead once dubbed the genre as significant as the invention of the drama or the novel. This principle of generating real emotion by unlocking the ...