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  • 'Ice cream cone' tissue boxes encourage sales during the summer
  • 'Ice cream cone' tissue boxes encourage sales during the summer
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Transient design: how seasonality keeps brands fresh

Amidst the increasing consumer demand for novelty and personalisation, how can brands engage and stay in sync with their customers' individual and unique universes all year round?

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Many economic phenomena have seasonal cycles, whether it’s agricultural production or consumer consumption. In retail, during the Christmas shopping season anything remotely resembling a gift is likely to sell well. In the New Year, consumers recover from the intense shopping period as goals and resolutions are set – leading to a booming trade in weight loss and self-improvement products. People also start looking for travel information around this time to plan their summer holidays, after which Valentine's Day presents more gift-giving opportunities. Easter is its own season, during which spring-related items appear – and the cycle continues.

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