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  • 'Alternative' styles are now mainstreaming
  • 'Alternative' styles are now mainstreaming
    Bleach (2013) ©

Bleach: how 'fake' is the new 'real'

Colourful hair is mainstreaming – and hair salon Bleach is playing a major role. From fashion to beauty, 'fake' is becoming an aesthetic in its own right – not just an imitation of 'real'.

Location United Kingdom--London

Colourful hair, once the preserve of punks and hipsters, is mainstreaming. Many credit pioneering hair salon Bleach with playing a major role in this new trend. Based in London's East End, Bleach's founding stylist Alex Brownsell draws inspiration from the street style she sees around her, tapping right into the heart of the London fashion industry’s keenness to brand itself as a disruptive – and lucrative – creative force.

Sported by model Charlotte Free and singers like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, the trend continues to trickle down, propelled by the digital mindset of younger generations. As fashion ...