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  • A taste of things to come?
  • A taste of things to come?
    Makr Shakr (2013) ©

Makr Shakr: bottom-up bar culture

As technological advancements increasingly place power in the hands of consumers, conceptual bar Makr Shakr is providing a taste of the foreseeable future.

Location United States

Imagine a bar where you can design your own perfect drink – and then watch a robot create it for you. That's what Bacardi, Google and MIT are working towards with their latest project Makr Shakr.

Tapping into a shift in consumption where consumers are becoming producers – often referred to as the 'third industrial revolution' – it's an idea driven by the advancement of personal technology. This equips the individual with all the tools necessary to both design and create for themselves – and thus become self-sufficient.

Office supplies retailer Staples recently announced they will be ...