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  • Changing the way humans and technology work together
  • Changing the way humans and technology work together
    Leap Motion (2013) ©

Leap Motion: seamless human-computer interaction

Computers are an important part of life, but interaction with them remains the same. Leap Motion signals a move towards invisible technology and a future where man and machine work as one.

Location United States

Computers are an increasingly important part of daily life, but the physical interaction between man and machine remains much the same. Leap Motion challenges established barriers, reminding us to take nothing about human-computer interaction for granted.

In 1994, IBM released the Simon Personal Communicator – a predecessor to today's smartphone, and the first practical application of touchscreen technology in mobile phones. Despite featuring email and a camera, the Simon's hour-long battery life and half-a-kilogram weight led to its removal from shelves only six months later. The world was quick to pass off such technology as a novelty, yet ...