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  • Can CrossFit get Reebok into shape?
  • Can CrossFit get Reebok into shape?
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Why Reebok is betting on CrossFit

In an attempt to revive the brand, Reebok has forged an alliance with fitness hub CrossFit, offering a guide for any brand hoping to marry itself with a passionate community.

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With the step-aerobics fad fully dissipated, and an unconvincing attempt at court and field sports, Reebok has slowly been losing relevance among consumers – which has manifested in five years of slipping sales. In September 2012, Reebok lost a ten year $10 million NFL contract to Nike, and saw their 2015 sales forecast slashed by one third down to €2 billion. [1] The brand is in trouble.

To revive its fortunes, Reebok has been forming a new alliance with CrossFit, a rapidly expanding underground fitness community and the manner ...