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  • Better late than never: instead of missing out, people are trying to fit it all in
    Anthony Quintano, Creative Commons, 2012 ©

Catch up culture: Netflix's Post Play nudge

Sites like Netflix are helping viewers catch up with popular serialised dramas. This is bringing new viewers to the broadcast event, as old and new media begin to work in harmony.

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Serialised dramas like The Wire, Lost, Mad Men and Breaking Bad are fuelling a television renaissance. Viewers are consuming entire seasons in marathon catch-up sessions, often time-shifted on sites like Netflix (much to the dismay of advertisers).

However, in a recent speech, Josh Sapan, CEO of AMC, said people are catching up on Netflix because online chatter is causing them to feel like they’re missing out. Viewers want to get up to speed, and watch the new season 'as it happens'. In this 'catch up culture', he said, "television is working with, not against, the web". For ...