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  • Keeping up appearances has gone digital
  • Do teens really prefer texting to talking?
    Jack Bachelor, Creative Commons, 2012 ©

Faking it on Facebook: a calender that lies

A new Facebook calendar helps people swerve their friends and family by generating excuses. With attitudes to social media changing, what are the new opportunities for brands?

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A barrage of likes, tweets, shares, invites, emails and notifications have turned connectivity into a chore. With ‘switching off’ not really an option, people are instead seeking tools to better manage their digital life.

In her latest book Alone Together, MIT professor Sherry Turkle describes a digital generation incapable of having face-to-face conversation - teens who prefer texting to talking. “Human relationships are rich and they're messy and they're demanding. And we clean them up with technology,” she says.

A new Facebook plugin does just that, helping people avoid event invites with an 'excuse ...