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Understanding creative culture in unexplored markets
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Market expansion
The challenge

Launched in a dorm room in 2003, Squarespace is now one of the world’s leading tech platforms. With a strong US base that grew quickly among the creative community, Squarespace wanted to understand its audience more and how to reach them in other priority markets outside of the US, namely Sydney and Berlin.

Our approach

For each market, the purpose was to find the communication hooks that can help connect Squarespace to its future prospects. So, Canvas8 partnered with Squarespace on a comprehensive, mixed-methodology research project designed to fully understand and examine the creative communities of Berlin and Sydney. This involved:

Pre-field desk researchleveraging syndicated sources to examine market trends.
On-the-ground expert interviewswith local SMEs who have an understanding of the cities and the creatives/side-hustlers living there.
Creative hangoutsto truly understand the audience. We spoke to 29 prospective Squarespace customers (13 in Berlin and 16 in Sydney) in focus group formats, with clusters of 3-4 participants per group.
City-mapping Berlin with each recruit mapping their cultural artefacts and creative highlights of the city before our discussions.

We delivered visually rich reports examining the creative communities of Berlin and Sydney as well as a virtual and visual map of locations, events, and people who matter to Squarespace. This gave clarity on how to become more locally relevant and connected with local communities to inform the content and marketing strategy into 2021 and beyond.

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