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How boredom helped to inspire a global media brand
Project Types
The challenge

MTV is a global and iconic brand interweaved in youth culture. But the evolving media landscape means it’s facing new challenges. MTV needs to be recognized as sitting alongside others and wishes to be seen as the smarter, ‘finger on the pulse’ brand in the youth set.

Our approach

We led a four-step methodology to understand why teenagers get bored and how we can stop it.

Deep dive on the science of boredom with behavioral scientist interviews (neuroscientist, sociologist, and psychologist).
Innovator interviewswith people who are actively 'killing boring'.
Youth ethnography across five markets to see boredom in action and create a film as well as 75 face-to-face interviews.
Quantitative survey of 16,000 young people across 26 markets.

Our insights focused MTV’s repositioning from slacker brand to Killing Boredom. We even inspired a series of idents poking fun at boring celebrities that were banned (but you can see them here).

“It definitely impacted us. Making sure that the way we share with the audience is genuinely meaningful, that we're not just creating noise and being a brand that’s adding to the endless social media scroll.”CMO of Viacom's MTV network
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