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Audience discovery
The challenge

Nike and Mindshare were looking to better understand how teenagers in London use social media to shape the 'Nothing Beats A LDNR' media strategy.

Our approach

We studied the behavior of a selection of young people (aged 14-21) situated in diverse subcultures in London by:

Urban ethnographies Talking to them with their friends in local cafes, parks, universities, and at home.
Mobile diaries Asking them to complete an online diary over a two-week period.
Social analytics Tracking their social media activity – from what they’re posting to who they’re following; tracking where they were using their phones and for how long.
Visual insight Photographing participants using their phones in context to help explain the wider situations that influenced behavior.

This approach enabled us to understand the teens’ context, the role social media plays within it, and how this translates into behavior.


We detailed our findings in an easy-to-use playbook, explaining some of the surprising and interesting angles to understand how to best engage this group. We found that:

  • Teens’ social media habits are heavily influenced by their lack of control over their data plans – they are adjusting their behavior to save data.
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have separate and distinct personalities for teens, which impacts how they behave on them.
  • Teens quickly dismiss repetitive content, and time of day influences their receptiveness to new content.
  • Teens often share social media content with their friends offline as well as online – Snapchat’s AR lenses were often used to entertain friends offline only.

These granular qualitative insights were relayed to the teams to aid with decisions about how to best invest in media for maximum impact.


The campaign won two Golds and the Social & Influencer Grand Prix at Cannes 2018.

  • Nike searches among the target demographic increased by up to 400%.
  • In some London boroughs, social mentions of Nike increased by up to 200% in volume.
  • People naming Nike as the first brand that comes to mind increased by 7%.
  • According to fashion search platform Lyst, London searches for Nike products rose by 93%.
The research was awesome and gave us great insight into the media behaviors of young Londoners, which in turn obviously helped us shape our plan. We’re super-proud of how the campaign is landing!Strategy director, Mindshare
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